Tube Strikes - no ticket refunds

No ticket refunds due to strike action. I’d be pretty pi55ed if I’d forked out for a weekly/monthly/annual travelcard.

I have made a claim.

If they refuse on the basis that the tube strike is out of their control, I will make a counter argument that it was in their control, as they refused to talk to the Unions to avoid the strike. Had they done everything they could have done to avoid the strike, then it would have been out of their control, but by refusing to meet with the Unions Boris Johnson brought about a strike for which TFL is ultimately responsible.

Excellent point - by relegating the unions and their members to the status of ‘the weather’ in terms of what is not in TFL’s control, they are not only denying the RMT’s status as the legitimate representatives of their workforce but are also denying the unions and their members their basic humanity! :crazy: - union members are sentient human beings open to negotiation - unlike the storm which is currently going on outside my window! :w00t: