TT3D: Closer To The Edge

I watched this last night, wow, what an amazing movie!

I find it amazing how likely these guys are to die, but how eager they are to race.

EDIT Ooops, there’s a thread on it already, sorry

Yer i saw it at the LB event is a great film getting it for bday hopefully in few days

You should of watched it with the LBers at the Ace

It is a good film, Guy Martin’s a hoot. I’m off to the TT this year, will hope to bump into a few of the riders :slight_smile:

yeah was good and i like guy martin but he can be a spoilt twat at times cant he?

do you think thats why he dont get a factory ride?

Not knowing any of the riders, I honestly thought Guy Martin has subtle mental issues. I don’t mean that in a bad way, or abusive. Kind of like he’s still 14 or something? Seems a great guy though :slight_smile:

He had one in 2011 with TAS Suzuki.

so wot yr was this tt film done? i thought was last yr 2011, lol

2010 mate.

lol, i must admit i have not took notice of much this yr for certain reasons.

He’s a decent bloke, but he’s not quite as plain talking as he makes out.

For a start he has a girlfriend, he drives a ruddy Aston Martin and he’s got a mortgage too by all accounts, so all the I’m a simple bloke, with no mortal ties to this world free spirit stylee is all a lot of good PR…

That said, who cares, good luck to him