TT 2017

me and the missus are going from the 3rd June to the 13th June if anyone would like to join us about then. 

taking the car though, I’ve done my time round the mountain and I’ve no interest duelling with twats


A big reason for going to the IOM is still to ride the circuit.
And going with a spirited bunch of riders makes it most enjoyable.
Watching the races is great too.

I use cabs when I need 4 wheels.


well I’m going with the missus, she’s selling her bike and is petrified of going pillion

You’ve still got a couple of options…

  1. Improve your riding* so the missus isn’t scared to go pillion
    2. Leave her at home


*It was taking my missus pillion, round the IOM on a FZ1, that inspired her to take and pass her bike test.
Now she rides a ZX6R and I take an R6 when we go to the IOM.

she was almost crushed by a truck on the motorway, she doesn’t go pillion for anyone. 

Fair enough, PM me if you’d like to meet and stay with locals, Peel or Crosby.

isn’t the TT in June

excellent point, edited.

I’m definitely up for a trip to the TT but on bikes… Wanna ride the circuit.

Have been debating if we could take the kids out of school for the TT, I’m bet there’s an educational lesson to be had there on how to not get sucked into peer pressure and riding your own ride… 

there’s plenty of geographical points of interest there, lots of old castles and history too. some guys take the family and watch the racing while the family do their own thing.