TT 2009

no racing till monday , at the earliest …it’s bloody wet , they always used to race when it was wet , whats so differant now ?

if it’s a peasouper on the mountain i could understand it , but even then i went round on madsunday in 1991 and it was pissing down and foggy but i was still doing 150mph up the mountain section on my GSXR1100 , it was great there was no one else on the roads … ( i was young then ) :smiley:

and look’s like no Cameron either at least not until later in the week , what a shame , but maybe the delay will give him a couple of extra days to recover

more updates :

definalty no Cameron Donald this week , he has a back injury as well disloacted shoulder … what a shame

and no racing till monday at 11am , if the weather permits

I watched the warm up today and recording tonights programme.

it’s only last weeks practice sessions …no racing till monday