TT 2008!!

Well, since returning from this years extravaganza, people say “I’d love to go”

We’ve booked up, so who’s going next year?

No excuses! Pay your deposit for the ferry now, pay the remainder in Feb 2008

Do it now!

Looky here to learn a bit more

Look here to book

I will add some pics soon, to show you it’s not all about the racing

So who’s going?

I’d love to go, never been before Im sure my I can persuade my dad to come too.

where does it say how much it costs?

I would love to go and maybe in years to come, but not got the time to did it yet.

Come on, you don’t know what you’re missin’ :smiley:

So who else has booked and who’s waiting for the last minute panic? :wink:

I would love to go one year.

Well I’ve never been before and would love to go, although probably not this year as I won’t know if finances will allow until it’s more than likely too late!

However next year is my 40th and I’ve promised myself I’m going to do the TT and Glastonbury(another event I’ve never been too) and maybe a couple of others in 2009 so I may well be in touch nearer the time, or earlier if it means guaranteeing a spot! :smiley:

Old B’stard;):smiley:

Oi!..get back to your rodding you! (do you do that in a car park with people watching?) :wink:

I will be rodding in my front garden and selling tickets to the twitchers opposite;):smiley:

Well we normally book next years ferry when we get back from this years - cant always get the times we want even then :stuck_out_tongue:

Do the IOMSPC still insist on pumping your petrol tanks empty? B’stards:w00t:

You are going back a few years :wink: They dont winch them on now either. :slight_smile:

People would wear their “Tank empty” stickers on their bikes like a badge of honour:D

Like todays Trackday stickers:D

Hey Chunks, someone told me John Surtees had retired from motorcycle racing too! :wink:

Just because my love of bikes and racing spans 4 decades you don’t have to take the wee wee. You aint so much younger than me bucko:P

You can pic Chunky out in the crowd at the start line :wink:

Was he a marshal that year?!? :wink:

You can see me sheltering under Deb’s bra;):stuck_out_tongue:

I’ll let them loose & smother you with them next time I see you :w00t: