TT 2008

Hi all,

After missing out on my ferry ticket last year I wanted to be sure to get one this year, im riding up to liverpool on the 27-May-08 to catch the 11:30am ferry.

If anyone else is making this trip and has organised a group or is looking to join then let me know. I’ll be leaving from Woking in Surrey around 5am.

There’s a few of us going from Windsor but not until the 29/5/2007

I would love to go to the TT one year but too many home commiments say no.

Leaving Ruislip on the 28th:D

Leaving 24th :smiley:

Leaving 3rd :w00t: … :crying: just remembered, it’s not me, it’s Mark going :smiley:

are you lot up for a rag round on Mad Sunday with me, not been able to make any of the LB meet ups to meet anyone yet.

I’m a northern monkey, but I’ll meet anyone who’s going at the Ferry

Mad Sunday is look after myself day :smiley: :wink:

Be good to have an LB meet up over there though, maybe organise one nearer the time :cool:

definately, be sure to check the “2008 TT” threads closer to the time, perhaps swaps some numbers or where people are staying on the island.

TT starts tomorrow, shall we organise an LB meet up out there ?

thanks mate:)

To all of you lucky people who are going to the island…

Hope you all have a cracking time and above all Take Care and all come home safe:cool:

Sent you my number :wink:

We’re there for the whole two weeks but a few are coming and going here and there. Sent you my number :smiley:


here you find some beautyful pics from the island

Bye Carsten