Trying to decide on a new (or newish) bike

OK I have a lump of cash coming in the next 6-8 weeks so have decided to get another bike.

I love the Dakar, it’s great for the commute and green lanes and not too bad for a days ride out and I will be keeping it.

What I’m not sure about is if I could live with the single over a 4 or 5 week trip.

I’ve test ridden the BMW R1200GS Adventurer and the KTM 990 Adventure and the R version and loved all of them.

I’ve built my own list of pro’s and con’s but just wondered what other peoples thoughts were.

Not having owned a KTM I have no idea of parts, service costs etc. Or what they are like to live with day to day.

Any thoughts gratefully received.


I’m impressed with the 990. I’d probably get one if I didn’t go out greenlaning on my own (and need to pick the bike up often). The biggest complaint on the 990 seems to be the battery location at the bottom of the bike.

edit: for what it’s worth, I just came back from a 5 week trip on the single without any engine related bother.

What sort of terrain on a 4 - 5 week trip? I have to say I know people who went out and bough the KTM however a couple of those have switched to the BM now…If I’d had the money it would be the KTM for me though.Both a lot of money to buy but at least the BM will hold a bit more value

The Ace is having an Adv day on the 8th - perhaps head down there and get some views on it there?If it’s pure road stuff but you like the look / feel of this sort of bike then the VStrom is a goddun as is the Varadero (pig ugly mind - I should know I’ve got one) went to Russia on that and it was great

Not worried about the engine, I reckon the Rotax is pretty bullet proof. It’s more to do with the vibration over long motorway miles.

Going to go to Bulgaria.

First few days will be tarmac all the way, once I get to Bulgaria it will be a mix of tarmac, trails and a fair bit of overland stuff (I got nearly 1000 acres of land to explore when I get there)

Tried the V-Strom 6 months ago and if I wanted a bike for pure road touring the 1000 would be a contender.

That’s what I was getting at, I wrote it badly :hehe: I do have a russian single that does make my limbs numb (oo err!) and the 640 doesn’t really vibe but more thump. What I’ve heard is the Dakar isn’t as bad for vibes as the 640, so it should be OK for the motorway if the 640 is. Does that make sense? :slight_smile:

Noteworthy vibes happen with brand new knobblies at 70+ however. But it sounds like you’re after a new bike anyway so it’s academic :smiley:

Hi buttonmonkey, i would write the vstrom off as an owner, the front forks are no way up for the job if you are going off road, if i had the money i would get a low millage gs with full service history poss 1150gs as these were the best they made (reliability wise) the 1200gs were pushed out of the factory, and have had major problems. Both the Ktm and the GS are costly to repair and to servce and you have to put them into a main dealer to keep their value. good luck with that dilema.

Daytona 955i.

The KaTooms will break down long, long before Bulgaria… :w00t::w00t::w00t:

Get the bimmer- then you will spend a few weeks thinking, why is this bike so good at everything, and you will have realised you have covered about 4000 miles.

I have a 09 GSA and I absolutely love it… :slight_smile:

Have you ridden one yet? I traded up from a F800GS, initially I was worried about the size etc- but once you have spent some time on it- you will be well happy…

Sorry for can’t help with your decision, I just got a BMW F650GS Dakar and I will stay sticked to it for the moment :D, even if indeed on a long way it’s not so sexy as I expected…

The guy who sold it to me bought the new F800GS and he’s tooooootally satisfied and happy… especially wit the vibration thingy and that he could get 100m/h easily :slight_smile: … and yes, if I would have money to “upgrade” I would also go for a 800GS … + it’s extremely beautiful :).

My question actually is: can you recommend me a good service for my F650GS Dakar ? …
PS: I’m in NW1.


Have a look at the Buell Ulysses. According to tests, they are not as good as the BM or KTM off road but I have just bought one one and its a brilliant on road. its quite compact for a ‘giant traillee’ and is real fun too ride. Seat is very high though, you need long legs to ride one!

Although not built for offroad these days, have you tried a Tiger ? Am just a few weeks in on mine and its fabulous