Trying out my GoPro HD

Now back on after I edited it properly :w00t:

Went for a quick ride round my usual roads with the camera mounted on top of my crash helmet. Good view ahead and sensation of speed. The camera was rock solid and didn’t move at all. I used the open back on the waterproof case, next time I’ll use the closed back as there was too much wind noise. Recorded in 720p (R2 setting). Overall, very pleased! Will be trying different mounting points in the future and posting the results on here.

I’ll be skint for a month after buying this that’s the only downside :smiley:

I am not a fan of the head mounting point, because it is too high, it is not the view you usually get when you ride yourself, so it appears artificial.

Saying that, it is the best place to the mount the camera to reduce vibration, as the neck absorbs most of what the bike doesn’t.

So its a choice between a bit of bouncy footage or footage that seems unrealistic.

It is quite annoying really :stuck_out_tongue:

It’s early days for me with this so I expect after some fannying about I’ll decide on one mounting point and leave it at that. I agree about the height on the helmet though.

hi mate. my 2pence worth - i’ve used one of the 3m mounting brackets on my headlight fairing. works great and no vibration issues. i use that white plug that comes with it though and that seems to dampen things down. plus make sure when you rotate the camera to get the shot you want the case isn’t touching the mounting bracket as that causes bad vibration. some people suggest putting tape over the buttons and catch on the top to reduce wind noise. i haven’t tried that yet, suppose it streamlines it a bit. or these silicone cases you can get for them that may work. you may have to appreciate an open mic is gonna pick up wind noise at bike speeds whatever though. even the sealed door gets wind noise issues.

i use r3 - 720p at 60fps. r5 is crap if you ask me due to the jelly effect but r3 captures high speed well and lets you do slow mo @30fps without dropping frames (so it’s nice and smooth still).

great little cameras. get what you pay for. stand up well to a crash too :smiley:

Thanks for the advice Ad. I used the white plug too and it seemed stable. Sounds like R3 might be good to try next.

yeah and give the tape thing a go. just use electrical tape or summink and make sure it covers the necessary areas fully and creates a nice aerodynamic bridge. it’s a cheap easy experiment and i have heard it works up to a point :slight_smile: