Tryed and tested errr and recomended

Iv had this allen/hex key set for 3 years now and used it on everything from my bike,sprinter van to flat pack furiture.

lets face it the allen keys that come with flat pack are as bad as the ones under the seat of your bike…

Anyway its the best set iv have ever used, i have a more expensive and larger “named” set but i always find myself reaching for this when ever i see and allen bolt.

All the keys fold away nicely into the handle which then fits perfectly into your hand giving you a lot more leverage than you would have with a normal set of keys.

You can also rotate the handle around the key your using making it work a bit like a ratchet.

Its made of tuff plastic and is more or less indestructible, trust me iv used it to remove allen bolts on the engine of my van and unless your thing is ship building theres keys to fit most applications.

The other thing is a rubber hammer now i know that may sound like somthing a clown might have but trust me its a very usefull bit of kit.

If you do a bit on your bike or car you will know that in mechanics parts often needs some errrmm… “persuasion”

It may be a wheel spindle that needs a lil tap to see it in or out or the top yoke.

A rubber hammer sofens the blow it wont bur or bent anything.

This one has two ends one is harder than the other and the heads are replaceable.

ive got that set!! its in my work tools though!! might have to get another set for the bike!!

havnt got a rubber hammer though!

I’ve got a set of them keys somewhere but couldn’t get on with them

I swear by my long ball ended allen keys.

I bought a rubber mallet when i was 16 to get the barrel off me fizzy

Its still going strong

Bloody tool-a-hollics!!!

I started off with the plastic t-handle allens, but the problem with them is that they flex too much when doing bigger bolts like footrest hanger bolts. I also have a allen socket set (usually used with 1/2" ratchet or torque wrench) which is great for very tight bolts like brake disc bolts and footrest bolts, but not so good in small spaces. My next set is either the ball end allens, or the metal t-bar allens, or both…

You know you want both really