Trustworthy scrappie

Is there such a thing? We have a 53 plate Toyota verso that is pretty much knackered. It was super reliable in it’s day but had too much needing doing so was uneconomical to repair. Anywho, I was going to gift to the fire service to practice on but they no longer do that and I have a deep mistrust of scrappies. I really don’t want this being sold to some poor schmuck later on down the line. Any ideas?

You can get about £300 for it scrap. Boris sold his classic golf that way. They even complete the paperwork for you. Not sure who he used though.

Here’s one near me.

Whack it on FB for a few hundred as spares or repair, sold my old one in 20 minutes

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I share your mistrust. My brother sold his to a scrappy, two months later got an fpn for speeding in Scotland

Easy enough to prove wasn’t him as he kept paperwork but still a ballache

The only other option is if you know a local garage that might take it.

When my Mr bucket, a shitry ford fiesta was proving too much, my local mech offered to buy it off me for £100 and he said he planned to fix it and use it as a courtesy car. In the end I sold it to dealer I bought my new car for same price…

I used this at the start of the year

Also this looked at this company as well, a mate used them

Google ASM

Can do the V5 transfer online between 7am-7pm as well so there’s zero question on ownership.

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We used Autobreak enter car reg and postcode on the website for an instant quote. They collected the car within 2 days, we got paid the day after collection and a certificate of destruction was received in the post a week later.

I used Redcorn in Tottenham when I scrapped my van. I had to have the documents all correct to make a TFL scrappage claim. They were efficient and completed the paperwork as I waited. It’s a large operation and they seem to know what they’re doing.

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Thanks to all for the replies, a wealth of knowledge as always. I’ll give Redcorn a try as their online tool has given me a decent price.

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“Certificate of destruction.” Sounds good.

any idea how realistic the online price is?

just put my mg in as ive been meaning to sell it, and it says £314 (£40 more then i bought it for with an MOT).
im assuming they arrive and offer a lower figure, but it says quote…

Boris that’s content for a trolling clickbait YouTube video if ever there was one.

The scrap value should be on weight so you’d think the quote would be accurate.

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When I scrapped the Saab they paid exactly what was quoted, a pre-printed cheque was given to me when they collected it.

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Was about a year and a half ago, think the price they quoted was what they paid.

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Thanks, I’ve always used local scrappies who have a habit of lowering the offer

The online offers tend to be honoured providing the vehicle is complete

I sold a banger on Gumtree for £250 few years back. Dodgy russian bloke turned up and bought it without a test drive. He even refused to give me the name for the v5 transfer until I said I wouldn’t sell it without one. Makes a phone call and then gives me a name.

Pretty sure he just wanted an unmarked car for some drug smuggling / ferry runs. Gumtree has all sorts of sh*t on it, so sure it would go pdq.

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Yeah, always potential for it to be dodgy but with the online V5 transfer these ays it can be done instantly

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