True ?

What the hell is this stuff !!

does it have anything to do with me?..

No…you create ya own in ya “pants” after all that Spicy Camel and Chillied Dogz Nutz you lot eat !

OMHG !!!

Imagine cigarette with this stuff attached…

Frankly, I think that video is a set up. Binary explosives are surely nothing new (anyone remember dropping sodium into a bowl of water in chemistry lessons?), but if you watch that video, the explosion is a bit… um… Paul Daniels…

The only thing I remember dropping at Skool was a few “Blues” …

Herrrr um…and Black Bombers, Chunnel, Artain, Tamarzies, the Odd Tab, A Spliff to calm ya down and then a few lines on a Friday !!

All Supplied by a Teacher of course…who happened to be a Police Officer !!!

Now there a thread to be getting on with !!

I did really well in me exams…I slept through the whole lot and leaved skool with honours…

At 35 !!!

LOL - memories, or lack of them…

Anyway, this tickled my curiosity, so I had a look at the video again. I’m SURE its a fake. Look at the explosion: the energy flash is centred on the wrong side of the melon for it to have originated from the supposed device. Also look at the background: as the fuse is lit, the sky is late in the day, but bright. After the explosion, the sky has a definite tinge of sunset. Could be due to the amount of smoke… but I doubt it.

The clincher is the quoted detonation velocity: 4297.6m/s to 6553.2m/s. TATP (used by the ‘shoe bomber’… and we all know how well that worked ) has a similar detonation velocity: 5,300 m/s. And you’d need a lot more than something the size of matchhead to ‘vapourise’ a melon.

Makes me think all that malarkey about shutting down airports and stopping passengers taking drinks onboard was bull****. Looking around briefly for real-life binaries, it seems that the scenario of someone mixing up two chemicals in the 747 lav is unlikely. You need just about a litre of fluid to do some real damage (PLX - a binary explosive thats been around since ww2) and mixing binaries doesn’t seem to be something you can do whilst pretending to have a dump.

Methylbenzene reacted with HNO3, H2SO4, @ 20C, remove H2O production ==>

2-Methyl-1,3,5-trinitrobenzene, also known as TNT (detonation velocity 6940 m/s).

Terrorists unite, let anarchy reign!

Or just read a chemistry book…