True or False ?

Is it true you don’t actually have to use the clutch to change UP the gears?:w00t: I imagine its not a good idea but is it true?

It is indeed true and as long as you get the co-ordination right it has no ill effects on the engine or gearbox:cool:

with practice you can go down the gearbox without the clutch as well

Wow Cool. I didn’t know that and if the co-ordination is wrong what happens then?


All those little bits that the manufacturer hides away in the gear box come out and present themselves to you as they leave the bike!:smiley:

Doesn’t work from 1st to 2nd though :wink:


Opps:w00t: Not a recommended technique for a beginner then :D:hehe:

I use the clutch in first to second and maybe third, then more often than not go through the gears without the clutch, it helps if you throttle off just before the change, with a bit of practice youll find its just as smooth ;):slight_smile:

I’d leave it a while if I was you. Get the basics right first:)

YES very wise. Not a technique for me. :slight_smile:

Just saw it on YouTube and was a bit amazed as I never knew it was possible.

Thanks for all the advice on that. I think it best left to you more experienced folk.:smiley:

first to second does work but it’s not advisable. get a bit of a lurch forward. if the sync isn’t right it just won’t go into gear (in my experience). i still use a bit of clutch though. it’s there so i use it :wink:

i used clutch in town on up shifts but not on track or out of town…

this is even better…

but jay the owner of this site did destroy the gearbox on his K4 GSXR 750 using one on the road…

with the Getrag box fitted to my bike ALL changes are liable to go CRUNCH :stuck_out_tongue:

shouldn’t matter whether you time it perfect or not. not sure of the reasoning behind the crunch or mechanical failure comments as gearboxes on bikes are built specifically to be used like this. There is no reason not to go 1st to 2nd clutchless either.

Gearboxes start to get upset (knacker them completely eventually) if you start going down the box too fast without a slipper as wheel speed overtakes engine speed and causes some nice banging and bouncing of the rear which in turn destroys selector forks in your gearbox…:hehe:

You can also use the limiter as a shifter if you want to be fancy. Or buy a QS as above.

Mate, we are talking a newbie on a 125 here

i didn’t contribute anything complex. and i didn’t contribute anything that isn’t of use to a 125 beginner other than the limiter coment. And i wasn’t the first to mention a quickshifter.

Surely everything i put is helpful? I do apologise though for trying to help…

…crawls back under a stone…

see what you done Chunky…you big bully

I was merely pointing out that talk of limiters and slippers is confusing to a newbie on a 125 mate. No malice intended or taken.k.i.s.s;)