True fettlists only - Tommy Hill's Swan yamaha engine... PHWOARRRRR!!!!

nice vid, make sure you turn the sound off tho :stuck_out_tongue:

it was a bit Birmingham rocker wasn’t it! :sick:
kept expectin Spinal Tap to be passing him spanners! :slight_smile:

and back in the day Burt Munro calculated TDC by dropping a screwdriver down the spark plug hole.

Yeah, I was thinking that’s some pretty serisouly anally spot-on TDC’ing there… although, they build race-winning engines, so guess they knows their onions eh

Good content ruined by idiot video editor that still thinks crap rock music is a great accompaniment to a bike video and has never heard of subtle mood music. The idiot even forgot to use ducking compression to allow the dialogue track to control the (inane) ‘music’ track.

Oh I want that torque wrench…Bling :smiley:

good vid :slight_smile: afro ur right and i also want the torque wrench lol