Trrack days out

Was wondering if anyone knew tracks where track days are arranged around the North London area or any where near by?


Your nearest is Brands. It’s expensive, and usually provides a crash-fest!

Next nearest… well Snetterton, Rockingham and Lyden Hill are all about the same I guess.

If you’re after a first track-day, I’d suggest Snett. I’ll happilly justify that if you want.

For first track day Snetterton or Mallory Park would make good choices. Early season they are not too much money either. If you are brave enough, there is a track day at Brands Hatch on the Indy Circuit on 21st Jan. B from this forum is an instructor and myself and a few other entrants in the mini tewin series will be bashing fairings and locking horns on an early shakedown.

Is the shakedown on the 21st? If so im sure we can get down to brands to show a bit of support and will be a good day out.

Yep, Saturday 21st Jan at Brands Hatch. Its a track day but it will be my first airing on the bike since last August and I need to see how I am fairing after my crash last September. Anyone is free to come and watch or you can sign up with focussed events and do the day itself! Lets hope the weather is not too bad.

This run out will give me a chance to make sure I am happy with the bike before I get the fairings all sprayed up and looking nice for the first race of the season (subject to my getting a race licence). I have just changed the exhaust system, have changed the gear change over to race change (ie 1 up and 5 down), have managed to remount the fairing which will hopefully give me greater ground clearance and stop me grinding away the panels. Just urgently need to get a spare front wheel and some nice wet tyres now.

Will also be good to ride with B again, we had fun last time and that was on the road.

Yep keep us informed as if im not upto anything that weekend i’ll come down to watch and im sure the others will too.

Booking mine for the 25th Feb at Snetterton. Havn’t ridden Snetty for 5 years so thought I best get back there. If you are booking and going, let me know, we can hook up.

Shall I come and crash the tzr ?

Why crash?

Track day in Jan is only £69 and only half dozen places left.