Troy Corser

Damn…how bad did that suck for Troy Corser? Win the first race on your home track only to have a MASSIVE high side AND your head ran over by Alex Barros (not that Barros could have done much to avoid that collision) in the second.

It was good to see him get up and walk away from that incident…truly one of the ugliest wrecks I’ve seen in some time.

Is this going to be a FANTASTIC WSB season or what?! Truly epic battles at the front with several different riders/manufacturers in the hunt…what motorcycle racing SHOULD be.

Its going to be a good year for WSB

Absolutely incredible set of races from SBK & WSS! Brilliant results for Toseland, though I can’t believe Corser! I was cheeing him on big-time (well yeah, Suzuki rider…) and couldn’t believe it when he came off, then nearly got killed by the freight-train of riders following! The guy is lucky to be alive! Barros did a great job of reacting to it, especially at such high speed. Talking of Barros, wow, what a ride, he’s doing so well for someone who’s only ridden the bike five times or so now. I bet Cezar is happy

I’m a Suzuki fan in Superbike too (That Alstare Corona Suzuki GSX-R :drool)…but…I have to admit to doing some rooting for Alex Barros too…for a couple of reasons.

  1. It will be FANTASTIC to have him competing at the front week end and week out…he is soooo skilled…if they can squeeze just a little more out of that Honda, he’ll be a title contender for sure IMO.

  2. That Honda looks INCREDIBLE decked out in the Brazilian trim. Just a gorgeous bit of machinery…

Roll on WSB…so much to look forward to this season!

Barros! Very smooth, and experienced rider, he knew how to conserve his tyres and moves.



It’s about time a GP rider made the switch to WSB and proved they can ride at that level!