Troy C fastest @ Philip Island

Leading performances - Phillip Island (18 January):

Troy Corser Suzuki 1m 33.6s 1m 32.8s
Yukio Kagayama Suzuki 1m 34.8s 1m 33.6s
Mat Mladin Suzuki 1m 33.9s 1m 33.9s
Steve Martin Petronas 1m 34.8s 1m 34.0s
Norick Abe Yamaha 1m 34.7s 1m 34.8s
Sebastien Gimbert Yamaha 1m 35.7s 1m 35.2s
Shinichi Nakatomi Yamaha 1m 36.9s 1m 35.8s
Craig Jones Petronas 1m 37.8s 1m 36.7s

[Times shown AM/PM, with fastest time of day in bold]

No ducati or hondas.

Check out the AMA bad boy in 3rd!

Already looks like the Suzuki is going to be the one to beat looking at that little list.

I think Bayliss will be right up his chuff!

Yeah yeah, Suzuki first, WE KNOW But look at Foggy Petronas, cor blimey, where the hell did they pull a decent setup from? Their bike is less sorted than my road bike, I bet! Impressive result. Will be interesting to see how it develops.

Steve Martin’s home track.

They’ll be nowhere when the racing starts.

And that’d be unusual

Ah, yes, of course, should have seen that.