Trouble Returns!

Hi allAs instructed by Elad, thought I’d reintroduce myself to all you lovely LB-ers since I’ve been off the radar for a while :slight_smile: Will be out and about much more soon I hope (pending unshackling from my desk at the office) so hope to meet lots more of you.

Riding a Gixxer 600 K4 in highly original blue and white…you’ll probably hear me before you see me :wink:

Trouble returns!

LMT xP.S. Shameless plug time - check out the car for sale at now, E? :stuck_out_tongue:

welcome home hun!!! cant wait to see you again! x

Welcome back LMT;):cool:

Hello again!


Excellent news! It’s nice to have one of the girlies back :wink:

Can’t wait to see you and have a proper catch up hunny x

There was me thinking we’d finally got rid of you! :stuck_out_tongue:

Hey you.

I thought that when you appeared in that free motorcycle mag given away at the Ace, you’d now be too posh for LB :laugh:

WB :slight_smile:

Heheh - yeah thats better :slight_smile: Good to have you back hun…although you should change the colour of that GXSR… :wink:

Like anyone listens to your taste in colours;):smiley:

They dont have to listen, it shouts loud enough itself :slight_smile:

Hi, my first and only ride out with LB on my old Triumph 600, 6 days after I got it, was with Little Miss T and I binned it . . . I guess you are true to your name ;):slight_smile:

Welcome back Miss T


Surely you’re not suggesting that was down to moi?!

Cheers for the hello’s all and hope to be seeing you soon. Can’t get rid of me that easily :stuck_out_tongue:

Blue & White is the best color - welcome back :slight_smile:

hey LMT

i met you at BM a lil while ago, you was with sherrie.

good to see your back!

hey trouble, good to see you back. have you got rid of that big air brake yet :wink:

We knew you wouldn’t be able to resist for long :smiley:

We have never met but welcome back…

We split into two groups (half got lost I think !) and you were in the other one, so probably only half down to you ;):stuck_out_tongue:

Rectal prolapse.