Trojan and Mike Preston Designs !!

Our very own “Jesse James” = Trojan recommended Mike Preston Designs after having his Lid Custom Painted and I loved the result so I sent mine along to be done.

When I got the quote (after mixing three of Mike designs in to the one job) I thought it was a bit on the cheap side and automatcally thought the finsihed artical would match the price !!

Wrong !!

The Fella has done a fantastic job !!

I dont know how he can create this kind of standard at the price but I dont really want to know.

Anyone thinking of having Custom Paintwork done then give this guy a call.

Cheers Bazza…Im well pleased and the Free T-shirt, Pen and Keyring was a nice surprise !!

(photo,s to come)

Looking forward to the pics mate.

Mike Preston is exceptionally good at what he does and I’m still chuffed to bits with my lid.