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This research is REALLY important and could pave the way for us on motorsickles being able to use the bike box/advanced stop line. I know I posted the link in another thread but thought I would post separately for clarity.

cheers Biggus

signed up, see what happens.

Good post Biggus - Tanks! :slight_smile:



Two day’s is little too short notice for me, but they are still looking for others…

We do have spaces available for the motorcycling trial coming up on Thursday 27th June. Please see below the times available;

Motorcyclists – 27th June - £45

Minimum age is 25 with maximum 3 points on your licence, and no drink driving convictions

Please bring your own motorcycle and full safety wear. Tax disc will be checked.

8 Motorcyclists, Group 1 08:30-13:00

8 Motorcyclists, Group 2 09:15-13:45

8 Motorcyclists, Group 3 13:30-18:00

8 Motorcyclists, Group 4 14:15-18:30

If you would like to take part please let me know what time slot you would be available.

We are also quite short of spaces so if you have any contacts or know anyone that might be interested that owns a motorcycle please do pass on my details.

01344 770333 [email protected]