Triumph TT600

these bikes, has anyone had a mate with one? are they really as hard to live with as I hear cos I quite fancy a sports bike for the weekends and my mate has the speed four so we’d be a bit better matched

pic for reference

Much prefer the looks of the Daytona 600. But then I have never ridden either.


ps now arent we as helpfull as always? :Whistling:

very good point, but the price of them is a lot higher usually

ive seen a few really cheap datona’s around 2k,but theirs alot of bikes you can buy for 2k

My BIL has a Speed Four which is essentially an unfaired TT600. They do have a little bit of a low fueling issue which can be sorted with TuneECU or TuneBoy. Go very nicely and have an excellent chassis and brakes. Worth it as a weekend bike.

I have a Daytona 650, and love it!

It looks nice, gets a lot of stares when its parked. It goes well, and corners fantastic!

The riding position I dont think is as low as a GSXR or CBR-RR prob more like the CBR-F but is fine, havent had back ache yet.

I had some oil leak issues, was a oil seal behind front sproket, but all fixed now. Went on a weeks trip to France and didnt have any issues at all :slight_smile:

I have a mate who still has his TT-600.

Its was the X reg version that had all the fueling issues. The FI mapping was appaling and even after he got it re-mapped its not great.

The bike is a great handling machine and has a good bit of power behind it, but at slow speeds (through towns etc) its not enjoyable to ride. i think they ironed it out a bit in the later models, but earlier ones were a bit grim.

He still enjoyed it and said its not too bad to ride through it, but if you will be doing a lot of slow riding I’m not sure i’d bother. If its for out blasting around then you probably wont notice the problems, and like I say they are sweet handling bikes.