Triumph tiger800 starter wanted(used or new)

URGENT! I need a used starter of Triumph tiger800? shipping to China 


I’ve got one with largely-absent brushes sat on my mantlepiece if that’s your bag?


Yeah, it’s a known (by the owners if not, apparently, Triumph) issue with them, the brushes wear out really quickly. When mine went it was quicker and easier to just buy a used 675 one off ebay (they’re identical) than piss about with the brushes. I should perhaps make it explicit that mine wont actually work as a starter motor.

They’re £30-£40 working from a breakers, mine was off an early 675 daytona and delivered next day for about £35.

Really??? It’s a Triumph issue…I didn’t know it, here in China it’s quite rare bike. It happened during my around China journey, drop me on the halfway…I have searched around China, no one appear to have it, then I checked eBay but zero found. pls check out the pic. I think I need exactly the same one.



yeah, that’s about what mine looks like inside. Any 675 engine one ought to fit (Street Triple, Daytona) as obviously will a Tiger 800 one. The issue seems to be with 2011/2012 bikes so it’d be worth avoiding those, but I’m not sure how many UK breakers will ship to China. 

wowww… thank you so much Big S 33333…I am on my legs to eBay now

Hi Big S,  are you sure it’s Tiger 800? cos I bought one from other model and it didn’t work.

Sure what’s a tiger 800? My bike definitely is.

Don’t they make the Tiger in their Thailand factory? Maybe quicker to source one from there?