Triumph Sprint RS 955i W reg 2000

Hi Guys its a bit scruffy no service history but has only 15K on the clock stops and goes as it should and capable of around 165 mph and 50 mpg’ish
In Petrol blue with Dunlop D208’s or D209’s “one or the other” sticky rubber

Offers over £1250 Genuine buyers only please and if your interested and want a test ride bring cash and proof of insurance. If you have wasted my time before feel free to take a hike your not welcome.

Well worth it IMHO :slight_smile:

BTW what are you replacing it with Steve??? - has to have three lungs yer know…


Hi Ross i Can confirm this thing is very good! Very good indeed :blush: Finding it hard to find a reason to sell it now :angry: Well for those who want to know i need to play with a bike and have an ST in bits begging for a 1050 lump . . . . Well ya gotta do it if ya can. I DONT WANT TO SELL THIS :crazy: But if i dont i cant fund the 1050 :frowning: Oh rollox what do i do now! ! !

is it sold yet?> i might be interested…:slight_smile:

Hi Matt Nope not sold yet. If you want to have a look mate i can come to the Ace! I am planning on being there Friday to give a donation to Rodders fund. Did not know the guy but as a biker he is a brother anyway!

I warn you Matt it is scruffy lol
Cheers Steve

ah just looked again and changed me mind, lol Yellow is me colour:D good luck though!, bung it on ebay!

No Problem mate i will not put it on ebay to many fuckwitts on there. Had a swap offer up high beach yesterday for a hardly do run :sick: :sick: :sick: not my cup of tea :smiley: . . .
May trade for something else but NO trail bikes. Maybe something needing attention plus cash my way. Winter project type of thing.

Would consider a reasonable offer for quick sale! Mot and tax is till August next year!
Cheers Steve


it looks like you may have to brave the bullet and go to ‘Numptyville’ aka Ebay.

They are doing a free listings weekend this weekend…what have you got to lose?


Anyone want to make a reasonable offer before i stick this on fleebay? Would make more than the asking price here i just cba with all the idiots on there!