Triumph Speedtriple help...

This is gonna sound dumb but how many spark plugs does a Speedtriple have?? I thought it might only have 3 being a triple cylinder engine… Sorry but I don’t have a manual and the bike is currently at a garage and I was just about to order 4x NGK iridium spark plugs then thought I might only need 3…

Any useful tips on servicing this badboy will be more than welcome… It’s a '99 model

this is a joke thread aint it? lol

the clue is in the name!

How many cylinders in a speed four though? :stuck_out_tongue:

maybe 3, maybe 6 ?

but not 4.

haha yea the jokes on me!!! I knew I shouldn’t have posted that up but sorry I had to make sure as I’ve only ever been into INL 4’s… I hang my head in shame… lol

Holy crap! You have just completely ruined the Street Triple.

Think if it this way. 1 cylinder per spark plug…

Then again I couldn’t tell you how many spark plugs my vespa scooter needs. I would assume 1 but have never had the urge to look.