Triumph Scrambler 1200

Went to the launch thing for this.
Be interesting to see what it actually rides like.
Probably too heavy and expensive to use all the time off-road but they’ve entered one in the Baja rally so time will tell.

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Me likes! Although I would swap the end cans for something less fat and bulky. Did you get a chance to play around with the TFT display?

205kg dry! might as well buy a GS!

Unfortunately not, they were keeping folks away from really having a look at them which was a shame and a bit of a joke considering it was meant to be a launch event of the bike. I bet that put a few people off even considering one.

It’s ok but there’s something about it that doesn’t look quite right.
Can’t put my finger on what though :thinking:

I was thinking to test ride the 1200 street but I can’t help thinking it’ll suffer with vibrations

Ugly pipe and big front brakes on “off road”? bike…

It"s a great bike, I can only dream about it :slight_smile: