Triumph moving production to Thailand

Seems Triumph are moving most of their production to Thailand, leaving just the high end custom stuff, and r&d.

Best get the factory tours booked soon

Hmmm. The owner of triumph is an ardent Brexiter. Obviously doesn’t give a shit about British people if he can outsource to a cheaper country and make more money for himself.

I was considering the new triumph but this makes my decision easier. Shame I like the looks of the scramblers and the new tiger 900.

I’ll look elsewhere.

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Hasn’t Triumph had those Thailand factories for some years? Enough of my 2010 Bonne’ was made or assembled at Hinkley for it to boast a UK VIN number. By 2012 that was not the case and there were concerns amongst USA customers that there ‘Made in England’ Bonne’s were in fact being made in Asia!

Crankshafts, cams and other precision parts were made in the UK, other bits Thailand. (From memory)

I thought most of the assembly line was UK too, but might be wrong

Manufactured in Thailand, assembled in UK.

I want British jobs for British robots!!

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Hard to imagine something won’t be lost along the way. That said Apple make good of Designed in California, made in China.

out of the 65000 triumphs made only 7000 are built in the UK and most of them are Tiger 1200’s
& they are looking to scale uk prodiction back to 4500 bikes are year , which is a loss of 2500 motorcyles that may have been produced in the UK.
triumph moved production of all the bits & peices to make a bike overseas quite a while ago
what triumph still have is a big R&D facility, its good to blame the brexities but alas not quite true.

Not blaming Brexit, I was pointing out the owner is a ardent Brexiter. So he believes so much in the UK that we should have nothing to do with Europe. Well if he truly believes that, ALL Triumph production should be in the UK. But alas it is all about lining his own back pocket, and not investing or having jobs in the UK.

Brexit is best for him personally, and having almost no production is in the best interests of profits for Triumph which he owns.

like him or loath him
through all of his companies he employes either directly or indirectly over 100k people
triumph is a very small part of his portfolio
he is a self made millionaire from hard graft and not gifted to him

he orginaly brought triumph for the factory land & sub-licensed the “Triumph” brand

i say good luck to him he deserves everything he worked for

Triumph seem to have moved back into Metropolis site at Vauxhall, well part of it, the rest is a errr…sauna.

Yeah I saw:

Are those mo’cycles secured?

Yes, by the combined trust in society’s good nature we all have.

they’re after the easy sales to insurance companies market