Triumph leather trousers in Central London ?

I’ve got a Triumph jacket(“Harrier”) but can’t find the matching trousers (size 46) in London.
They don’t have my size in Metropolis(Vauxhall) and can’t seem to be able to order them. :crying:

Would you know where I could try and buy them in London, near E2 if possible ?

PM Westie on here, he works for North City Triumph. He should be able to assist.

Thanks, that’s ~15miles from my place, but that might be doable…

Plenty of leather trousers to be had down old compton street…

Nice one Conrad. Or go on a diet and look for a pair sized 44?

Hahaha I got cut right down by eezie just there :w00t:

old compton street… haha. :laugh:

Not triumph but …

JTS go to 58" waist, FFS 58"

inter webby wotsit linky

Have you tried to shop online?

or at the sale

I ordered mine in on line from Triumph Online Shop - to be sent to Vauxhall Store. Then I went into the shop and tried them on.

You might want to try that - I love mine and the online store were able to send them in to Vauxhall for collection. That saves the hassle of having to send them back yourself if they are the wrong size.