Triumph ladies alpinestars motorcycle boots

Another product query from me!

Anyone have any thoughts or experiences with these boots and how you might rate them.

I was looking for a pair at the Excel yesterday, but Triumph didnt have them in stock at the show. They are expensive and the design is a little unusual. However, I do like them and wondered whether others had any experiience of this product.

Ask Westie - he had a pair of Alpinestars Triumph boots (but not the ladies ones, at least we think not) some time ago:)

Nice one - will do :slight_smile:

The other 'arf (also named Helen) has had a pair of Triumph boots for 4 years, using them to commute every day. I shall try and find out which ones they are.

Hi hunny no we don’t stock those but I can certainly find out if we can order them in xx

Cheers Westie :slight_smile: That sounds great!! Got your PM - thanks :slight_smile: Will reply later with the details as have to log off now and get out of my pyjamas:D

My ones are these ones:

They’ve lasted four years so far and have only let in water twice (foot in puddle both times) and keep my feet toasty in winter. Great value.

Yes these look good quality and well made also - I may see if Metropolis or Weste’s shop stocks them and could compare. Thanks for the tip :smiley: