Triumph Daytona 675 for sale - Low mileage - Bargain Price

SOLD! :slight_smile:

or should I say

SOLD! :crying:

It’s always bitter sweet seeing a good bike go…

Good luck
It’s a beautiful looking bike

Thanks TK - it’s a bad time to sell but it’s at a rock bottom price

Lets hope you didn’t get it serviced at Metropolis, where you bought it?

You did, oh well, knock another £1000 of then :D:P


Service Dept = Can be okay sometimes in my experience.

Sales Dept = Could do better IMHO.

man thats cheap, and such a good looking bike!

Good luck with the sale! That is slowly becoming one of my all time favourite designs… Thought I doubt it’s designed for what I need it (lawn and bush trimming!) :stuck_out_tongue: :slight_smile:

Thanks Rixxy - as I say this is the worst time of the year to sell - but missus has the money earmarked for something …:unsure:

(If it don’t go I’ll hang on it till Spring - don’t tell her that):hehe::cool:

Here’s the startup…

Man you’re killing me! If I was still at home…:angry:

Boy I wish you were here too…with the cash!:smiley:

Bad time of year for selling - I’ll keep it till the Spring…

No big loss … I CAN STILL RIDE IT !!!:D:D:D:w00t::cool:

In the meantime the £4250 offer - not a penny less mind :stuck_out_tongue: - still stands between now and Feb 1st 2011…

Tempted ??? :hehe::cool::w00t:;):P:D:)

He’s back for 3 weeks :wink:

IF - the weather improves I’ll try and do a testride on one at a Triumph dealer - suspect it will be too low a riding position for me though…

Aren’t you in Nigeria? :D:P

Sad times I know the feeling, miss mine sometimes :crying:

Back on a short holiday…

A dude has just put a deposit down for my bike…

So tempted…

Missus would beat me tho…

PM sent.

Just seen I’ve mistakenly given price open to LB’ers as £4250 not the £4350 I had written at the top of the ad…:w00t:

Hey it’s Christmas so the **£4250 ** stands until I sell it in the Spring…

…but not a penny less mind… how much of a bargain do you guys want???:cool:;):P:D