Triumph Daytona 600 vs Triumph Speed Four

These are the two bikes Im gonna need to choose between once I sell the SV.

Opinions appreciated as always but there’s no point in suggesting the Street Triple or Daytona 650 / 675 cos my budget aint gonna stretch that far :smiley:

I am planning to be at BM tonight if you want to have a go on my D600 ? I’ve not replaced the bodywork after the crash so bits of it will be held together with gaffer tape until after a few track days but you’re welcome to have a look.

Buggar . . . wont be there tonight but I really appreciate the offer bro :slight_smile:

Just out of interest - why the Speed Four rather than the Speed Triple?

With the Triple you get that engine :w00t:

Two reasons but the same basic answer . . . money :frowning: . . . I can get a much newer Speed Four for what I have to spend and I gotta keep the insurance down cos I lost my no claims when the duke got nicked.

Ah, gotcha. I definitely give the thumbs-up for the naked bikes’ chassis - I think the S3 and S4 are much the same there. Great fun around town, scratching, and on the long journeys too. You don’t need the neck muscles of a horse to do decent motorway speeds either :smiley:

Don’t get a Speed Four, cos I’ve got one and I like it being uncommon :wink:

(If you do insist, then it’s a great bike, but you know it’s a triumph. By which I mean that it needs a few bits sorting from stock e.g. clutch, brakes, chain and sprocket)

I’d consider a 509 Speed Triple rather than the Four:)

I think the fact that you can pick up a mint, low mileage speed four for £2500 could be swaying him slightly, plus they’re a great bike.

A few posts down the thread is a small write up on the faults, and cures for the S4, plus the whole bursting into flames episode - like I said it’s a triumph :cool:

My '05 Daytona 600 (red, 5000 miles, I’m 2nd owner) will be for sale very shortly once I have replaced the plastics that I damaged when I came off (immaculate before this). It will be cheap for an LB’er, should be available in 4-6 weeks or so if that’s any good ?

PM sent bro :slight_smile: