Triumph 955i Engine Management Light - Help

The Engine Management System Malfunction Indicator Light has come on on the Triumph and doesn’t go out like it normally does. Has anyone experienced this before? Trying to get it booked in to have it looked at and was wondering if it was safe to ride it to the Garage?

No riding this weekend now!!! :angry:

huh funny my brother has an 03 955i and he’s keeps stalling when he’s slowing down. They’ve changed the o rings on the throttle bodies and run the electonic tests but still can’t find the problem…good luck with yours…:wink:

Have you disconnected the battery lately? If so you need to go through 3 full warming up/cooling down cycles to turn the light out. Also try a search on the tech forums at - but pretty confident you’ll be ok after the 3 cycle thing.

your bike should be safe to ride. If the engine management was on for a serious problem you will soon notice that the bike is restricted to limited power… Then go home untill you get to take it to the garage

Thanks for the responses guys. Will take the risk and move it back home tonight, was running fine and no change to the performance when I took it out this morning. Have not changed the battery, but it had been sitting for 2 weeks without being used which is really unusual and did not start up on first go, which again is unusual. But once going no different to how it normally is.

They’re strange things, bikes…:slight_smile:

I am off to Tri-Moto on Tuesday for Les to sort an electrical gremlin on my 955i as well…

The 3 hot to cold cycles usually clears the MIL light if nothing else is wrong with it. The fellows at Tri-Moto can also diagnose it for about £15 too. Very nice fella’s they are with some 40 years experience with Triumph.

the flat battery thing if power gets to low ems light comes on

charge battery and try again in no luck replace battery …

hope it helps