Triumph 650 Saint

I have a chance of getting my hands on an ex police 1971 White Triumph Saint, it has been garaged for about 20 years its got panniers and the leg fairings, it was used everyday and well looked after before being stored, i dont think it was meant to be stored for so long, so i would imagine the bike would need a lot of TLC. Question is would anyone know a ballpark figure of what this might be worth.

Mmmmm Ex plod, bound to have been to the moon and back:cool:

Give you a tenner:D

be a cool restoration project mate, just make a reasonable offer for it mate, the owner cant be expecting much as its been stood for so long, might have to evict the family of mice before you do anything to it:D:P

you out sunday mate?

No real idea bout the value now , but i remember when hundreds if not thousands of these were being sold off at auction complete with the tank top radio mount [huge].
Was it the 6t or pre unit bonnie? the model ,cant remember but the key to value is identify the model and check out adverts for that , irrespective of the 'saint ’ bit as that was only used for police bikes. yes they were all available in any colour you want as long as it was white.
The ex piggy commandos were much more in demand i seem to remember…

I havnt seen it as yet, all the info on the bike is second hand and i hope to have a look at the week-end, i know a couple of other guys are interested, i just need an idea of value :wink: thanks for your input though:)

BTW i’ve found a cd175 owners manual, its not in ‘great shape’ but its here if wanted;)

Mice! its ok ive got a cat;) As for the bike…it might be cool to turn up at the Ace on it.:smiley: And Sunday? dont think so.

This is the kiddy we are talking about… Yeah look at that tank phone:D

Looks just like Broady;):P:D

This one was used in The Professionals:D

venture classics - have got 2 in stock at the moment, 1 at £2850 and the other at £3995, I have no connection with them just an old sod who reads all the classic mags