Trip to LA

I’ve put up a gallery with some of the biking from our holiday in Los Angeles we’ve just come back from. We had a great time with some eye opening experiences. Riding over there is completely different to here, but we got a feel for it quickly. The roads there are certainly more dangerous than here with distracted and poorly-skilled drivers, at times very bad road conditions, especially in town and the tendencies not to wear as much gear due to such good weather.

We can’t wait to get back there some time though…

Oh, and here’s some more random pics I put up earlier:

Very nice pics guys :slight_smile:

Hope you put LB stickers on the Hire bikes :cool:

You know, we were so excited with everything, we forgot! I know, crap excuse! We took loads of stickers with us as well hehe…

great pix look like you had fab time :slight_smile:

Wow sooo jealous, im hoping fingers crossed to go to california in summer, my mates sister lives out there n 1 of her mates is gonna sort us out a couple of r1’s for our trip :smiley:

Coolio, why did I think one of your bikes was going to be a 1098?

We were interested in getting one. They do offer them but only had one in stock and the deposit was too high really. Their deposit system is completely different to ours. There you are financially responsible for the bike, so if there’s an accident or it’s stolen, you have to buy a new bike or repair it in full! Not here where the renter has insurance and you cover some sort of gap with your deposit.