Trip to France .......

I’m going to organise a trip to France with some local friends …but don’t know any good place to go, see stay etc…

I hear South France is good … maybe Le Mans ?

Can anyone here provide some advice on place they have PERSONALLY been and would recommend ?



Been all over France but my favourite area is Charente Maritime in SW Cote Atlantique.

Lovely smooth grippy roads, superb beaches and very close to Bordeaux.

Cognac is worth a visit, you can go round the Reme Martin and Hennesy distilleries…hic

You can take in Le Mans on the way there or back too.

How long is a piece of string?

North is dull, south is too hot. Middle is the best… especially the Massif Central

Give us an idea of what you are looking for so advice can be more tailored.

Thanks so far peoples … there will be around 4 - 6 of us … just looking to have some fun really, fun roads … and some good food on route !

Will be leaving on a Friday Morning … and returning on a Sunday Evening !

What about B&B’s … can anyone advise on those ?

Aha, Friday morning to Sunday evening, getting closer…

Suggest for a first foray, take the Shuttle to Calais, go down the D940 to Boulogne, then head due south, ignoring all signs to large towns, and do NOT go on autoroutes. Stop when and where you will, relax and chat, don’t worry about going far, enjoy France.

Second foray might be Portsmouth-Cherbourg, and exploring that very Anglo-friendly peninsular.

By then you’ll have met a few French bikers, you’ll be on their forums/mailing-lists, and not have any future worry.

Your third trip might be quite wild if you met the right bikers over there.

(And there are LOTS of ex-pats willing to help, UKRM is a pointer.)

What jimc said.

Alternatively you could head north to Bruges in Belgium. Fine food