Trip Down Memory Lane

So having been a member now for a while I’ve encountered some great memories and they often make me laugh and smile. Here’s a couple

My first time of going to an LB meet was waaay back in the day. So many bikes and bikers, everyone drinking smoothies, bikers chatting to other bikers, a man sitting in a medical courier top box holding a pint, someone stripping down to a hi-viz umbro sports wear prattin about and me feeling a little out of my depth.

Going on a rideout to Portsmouth with Adam H and Charlie wheeling/doing stoppies during a rest break. Then finally getting to the pub on the hill after getting lost then having a drink to turn around and come back again.

So I’ve shared mine, share yours!

That’s lovely Lou :smiley:

I think i’m celebrating my first anniversary of being a London Biker lol I think it’s about a year ago I joined and Zander introduces me to everyone at BM and then finding the meet at the teahut. Rob says thats when it all went horribly wrong :wink:

I think some of my best experiences of the past year has been the midnight rideout with Carmen leading that was amazing I hope she does another soon! Funny - watching Smiled take Jewell pillion up to the Ace and rounders on the heath!

There’s just so, so many highs:

I remember the time when I was on one of the north Wales trip with mark and ang, sitting having dinner at the bottom end of the table with Roly, Jon, Mark and Anita having a discussion as to what is classified as a sport and what isn’t. crying with laughter that evening.

The long weekend away with Andy, Chris & Julie and Nick, we stopped off in Bruges for a welcomed hot chocolate, I cant remember the comment I made but everybody was crying with laughter at it, then a gay waiter appeared and wanted to ride pillion on one of our bikes, standing there pointing his finger at Nick and saying “ I want to ride you” by this time im in pain with laughter.

On a camping trip with Jaime, Cass & Schmidt, late one evening after having a few beers we decided to start a fire, after several attempts to find wood to burn in the woods, Jaime decided to go around collecting the benches and started burning them, his comment was “ ahh man I feel guilty now, f*ck it, this burn another one, once again I was crying with laughter.

When Schmidt had a moment of madness late one Friday evening on the heath, that was funny.

2008 a mental year…learnt to get me knee down through LB’s, fond memories of learning!

plus when BM was proper swinging…30-40+ people on a Wednesday night… then the runs from BM to Ace, there would be loads of us at times! all gunning it!!

the runs from poppins to ace, the maddest i’ve ever done…completely mental riding!

me slamming my courier bike into the back of pizza dudes scoot at BM…that was 2009 tho!

I remember a “certain” LB member running into the back of me on London Bridge for a giggle:Whistling:

I also remember the early days at Cubana Bar, that was fun.

I remember going on my first BCR on a warm Sunday. … about 22 bikes turned up and I was the only female biker in the whole group which made me feel a bit uncomfortable as I didn’t know anyone. But, as the day progressed, I loosened up a bit and by the time we got to FF I felt quite at home :smiley: rode back, a few of us stopped off at High Beech for a cuppa and a chat.
My first big ride in a group and I thoroughly enjoyed it :smiley:

trip down memory lane ??? probably following Rob with his Twatnav and got lost

My first LB meet was a trip to Cubana, I was too late to tag along with flatout from Heston services so attempted to find it myself, at a set of lights I spotted a hornet with LB stickers on, (turned out to be Charlie). It was down hill from then on!!

Too many memories from rides and meets, I always have a look through the old photos on here :slight_smile:

I must make more effort to head back to London on the bike this year, (I should be at the ace for bike night on Friday 30th march)

phew! thanks mate :wink:

I remember this taking ages to sort out :slight_smile:

Well I joined LB exactly 4 years ago in the spring of 2008 :slight_smile: Before that I was riding out with a small group around Box Hill called the Charlie’s Angels::D. I was introduced by Terry Moto’s missus to the forum and went on my first Newbie meet at the Ace where Elad, Angie, Ginger and Tiggi made me feel very welcome:)

I first met Ratty on the A12, when I saw him riding past with a hoodie saying Ratty46 on it - so that was a massive clue! I then went on the BCR with Ratty riding behind me and giving me cornering tips on the Hornet and Sneaky MC putting me on the right track down the M11 home:) There was a little bloke called Hero Honda who was around in those days, but I never knew what happened to him. I also remember a pretty wild clubbing night with Day Release, Ratty and various random folks in Elephant and Castle :smiley: :smiley:

In September 2008 I then went to Afghanistan, so sold the Hornet to an LB / KTM forum member and remained in touch with the LBers on line - it was not until 2010 that I got back in the saddle on a trusty Triumph, which have had for two years :slight_smile:

I’ve really enjoyed LB - it’s been the best biking forum I’ve been on. We might not do everything well, but we are world class at eccentricity and have a great laugh whenever we get together :stuck_out_tongue: I’ve also liked the way that it has developed - with more organised rides than in the past, to suit all levels and meets in different parts of London, plus have had some off roading fun too :smiley:

I joined in 2008 I think, fond memories for me were when we had a weekly Jets clan (Jetset?) for about 9 months that were out every Sunday. Me loosing the way even as a tail gunner (failing to follow the line of the road) and generally missing exits by carrying too much speed on my old CB500. I must make more of an effort this year to come out, when I eventually get my bike out of storage and become a member of the weekly Jets clan again.

Oh and the Treasure Hunt / Escapade. That was amazing, it was like wacky races on bikes and it was real. Plus the sun couldn’t have shone any brighter that day.

Never did find out who flicked every single kill switch in the garden centre car park that day! :smiley:

p.s hope simon is still riding, haven’t seen him in AGES!

adam h (23/03/2012)

I remember this taking ages to sort out :slight_smile:[/quote]

yes i remember that,is that also gingers knackerd diversion?

Ah I remember my first ever rideout was on a Jets’ special (we met up with the BCR lot later on) with Jaime, Rob, Rixxy, Motopup and quite a few others… I thought I knew a lot about my bike so decided to overtake someone in the group (in the wet) and found myself running out of road and that meant me ending up in some poor old lady’s hedges. :smiley: It was probably one of the most comical things ever… you can ask Jaime as he saw the whole thing :smiley:

I first came across LB after Jackie and I stopped to assist Keti after a pedestrian knocked her off her bike in late 2006. The first ride I went on was a newbie ride to Brighton on April 2007 lead by JimC. Met lots of friends that day who are still friends now.

The killswitches were flicked by the Gaylord team, complete with their tiaras and angel wings shortly before they hissied off in a fit and split up. They did ours too, if that’s any consolation :slight_smile:

That was a good laugh!

Team Power Ranger FTW!

I got LB recommended to me by old member Roadkill (if anyone remembers him, yes he’s still riding). Love this place, made so many new friends and had so many adventures that wouldn’t have been possible without this place :slight_smile:

I found LB online and the first ride in 2009, i went on was Dunstable Downs run, man i thought you where all mental, i got to the first fill up point, a bit nervous as i was the new guy, filled the bike up and then realised i had no wallet with me. I will never forget it, lucky for me ginger straight away volunteered to help me out paid for my fuel and then at lunch even paid for my food, i felt like such a idiot but it got me talking to lots of members and its lucky i only lived round the corner from the ace so when i got back i poped back and got ginger his cash with the interest of a couple of cups of tea.

Since then i have made some great friends and LB is a very imporant part of my biking life!!