Trip along the Cornwall coast

Hey guys, as promised here are some pics from my trip the last few days.
The A39 was absolutely amazing, well the part I’ve been on!
Definitely recommend doing it if you haven’t already!
image image image image

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Very nice pics. Are you using a camera or just a phone?

Fantastic pics, sounds like you enjoyed your trip

Thank you. Just the phone. I took loads, but feels like none can actually capture the true beauty you see.

Thank you:) I certainly did, atm in Falmouth, chilling here tomorrow and doing a walk on the coastline and making my way back to London on Saturday.

I know what you mean. A good camera though does help :wink:

Oh that definitely does. Next time maybe:)), when I have less luggage and a bigger bike, so next year then :grin:

Man that looks terrific.

The pics of the scenery are nice too.

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The A39 is all good. Corston to Fradden is the long way in and out of Lands End avoiding the A30. Taking on Porlock Hill the steepest A road in the UK, the signage that warns the caravan brigade to take the toll road appears as a red rag to bull for the Chelsea tractors. The southern end from Barnstable to Fradden is known as the Atlantic Highway with its stunning sea views.

Once upon a time I did London to Bath (M25, M4), Corston to Fradden (A39) and back, a 750 mile day in preparation for my first RBLR1000.


Looks like you’re having a great time @Carmen! Nice one!

That first photo is stunning. Thanks for sharing.

Oh and scones, jam and cream - my fav!

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My stomach turned to knots a few times with the very tight curves uphill…all I was thinking: don’t stall and and drop the bike and don’t get into the other lane :sweat_smile:
Very proud of myself that I did neither.
I was on the A39 from Glastonbury to Redruth, still in awe of it.

The first pic is from Valley of Rocks, breathtaking, and the scones in St Ives…oh dear, waited only 7 years to eat such deliciousness again :slight_smile: :smile:

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Glastonbury to Redruth narrows it down to 170 smiles :wink:

The first step hill with hair pins would have been Porlock Hill, the steepest A road in the UK and 45 miles from Glastonbury as the A39 twists and turns. The second may have been Lynmouth Hill, 10 miles further on which is the shorter route preferred by SatNavs or, if you stayed on the A39 there is a 5 mile horse shoe of hair pins and twistys. If you missed those bookmark them for the next time.

I once went up Zig Zag Hill near Shaftesbury in autumn, that was not fund with with wet leaves on the road. I think I stopped at one point for fear of stalling.

The B3081 Shaftesbury to Ringwood road was a Jetstream favourite. back in the day we’d do it both ways to be sure to be sure, starting and finishing at Zigzag Hill just south of Shaftesbury. For proper heart in your mouth experiences on hairpins head a little further west into South Wales and give the Devils Staircase on the Abergwesyn to Tregaron road a try. Or if heading north the A686 from Penrith to Alston has some challenging hairpins. The all day breakfasts at Hartside Top Cafe are a thing of the past since it burnt down but I hear there’s a catering van on the site offering cheeseburgers, cream teas and nice creams if your allowed and portaloos to empty the bladder.

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Lovely shots. I’m near Newquay at the moment, heading home tomorrow.

It’s been great.


Thank you Michael, enjoy the rest of the trip.
I wish the weather would have been better the last 2 days.
That is one gorgeous bike :heart_eyes:

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Pouring rain last night. Clearing up now. Positive thinking: I’m sure tomorrow will be good. :slightly_smiling_face:

Every time I’ve been to Cornwall on a bike it’s been raining, I’m hoping my next trip will be better.

It’s pouring now, my waterfproofs did not do their job and my feet are soaked and so are my gloves…4 more hours to go and I hope this won’t be followed by a cold :face_with_thermometer:
As @Michael748 said, positive thinking