Trip Advice Needed


Am taking the Ferry to St Malo and then riding south for an hour or so to see some friends next week for a couple of days. It will be my first time riding in France (hence this option and not riding down from Calais) can anyone offer any tips or advice on what I need to take with me, so (apart from clothes etc) far I’m expecting to pack Hi=Viz vest, 1st aid kit, ICE USB tag and puncture repair kit. I believe bikers aren’t required to carry a red triangle.

Any advice appreciated.

Bulb kit I think. I’d also take a puncture repair kit!

dont speed!! YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED!!

+1 :Whistling:

If you’re going Brittany Ferries, go to the nice restaurant on board, and don’t overdo it on the salad starter (and the lamb gargantua really does what it says on the tin). You should be able to get near the window too as they let bikes on first, but mind your mirrors when the staff tie the bikes down.

You should also be required to adjust the headlight, and you can buy beam deflectors on board (or just use gaffa tape).

‘Toute directions’ means “all directions” when you’re coming off the ferry. If instead of following this in St. Malo, and turn right at the roundabout into the historic Citi d’Alet, you should within five minutes come to a lovely bakers and be able to sit having your breakfast on the beach!

Thanks Chaps

Had a great time, was loathed to come back to the UK’s teeth rattling roads as being spoilt in France!

Can’t wait to get back there.