Trinity Way Speed Camera

So I was just riding home along Trinity Way heading towards Wandsworth Roundabout and the last speed camera before you drop down the slope towards the round-about went flash!

I checked my speedo and I was doing 44mph which I didn’t think would set the camera off, but maybe I’m wrong. However, there was also a moped riding in the lane next to me who was behind me to begin with, but quickly caught up with me before we had reached the end of the camera-line markings on the road…so could it have been him instead?

Anyway, can the camera differ between who was at fault or would it issue tickets to both of us? Also, I hear a lot of these cameras don’t have any film in them most of the time…anyone been caught on this camera lately i.e. do you know if it actually works?

The GATSO camera’s take 2 stills as this allows such issues to be clarified… they will calculate the relative speed of your bike vs. the scooter as you passed over the markings (a set distance)… 44 in 40mph limit shouldn’t be an issue, the ACPO limit is 10%+2mph…

but that 10% +2mph is discretionary and is only a guideline.They can decide to fine you for doing 40.5 mph if they want.

Very unlikely as they can’t really allow for speedo inaccuracies etc if the fine threshold was that small hence the cameras only flash beyond about 5mph higher than the posted limit.

I guess you will find out soon enough if it was you!

The camera is a digital one on Trinity Road if I’m not mistaken just before you do under and come upto Wandsworth roundabout. So if it is in that case it doesn’t need film like the other gatsos do.

You’re talking rubbish… no one get’s done for 40.5 in a 40!