If anyone ever needed proof that their owners are cagers at heart :laugh:

fixed it for ya!

Poor trike, parked all on his own in the ‘solo’ section while all the bikes (and even scooters) look the other way.

Someone should park next to him and both ends to keep him company of course, not to block him in :Whistling:

But remember - some trike riders don’t do it by choice, they have to because of injuries and debilitating disabilities. LB’s own trike-ist (7-Wheels) hasn’t been on here for ages and isn’t likely to if he sees this type of comment:blush:

Just a thought, but them MP3’s come in two flavours the narrower one which is classed as bike and the wider one classed as trike (thus can ride on car or bike license and without lid if you so wanted). But is the latter wider one allowed to use solo motorcycle bays, or any trike for that matter? Most boroughs don’t seem to allow bike-sidecar combos.