Not bad for a Kwaki.

Those drugs must be strong you are on :stuck_out_tongue: You keep seeing powerrangers !! Check the link :wink:

Go go Power Rangers…again;):smiley:

I`ve put the right link on now.

It looks fun but I don’t really see the point?

It’s powered by the motor from a ZZr1400, it has a minor amount of extra protection over the bike, you don’t legally have to wear a lid but that’s about it, It costs £33,000, 0-60 in 3.5 secs and it only does 150mph top end, I think I’d rather have the ZZr personally… :ermm:

true the zzr would be better for a biker but it has its merits…wonder how she goes though when she has lots of grip and how she corners then…

It would be better with a windscreen and a few more creature comforts or just buy an ariel atom which is cheaper faster…