Tried to do this as a poll, but either I'm thick (;) or this system still doesn't work very well

Does posting YouTube videos of bad drving serve any useful purpose at all?

A) Yes, it makes people aware of how bad some drivers are and could end up as video evidence in a trial in High Court where the bastard gets his come uppance!

B) No, it but its entertaining

C) No, its a waste of time cos its more frustrating that justice never happens

D) What was the question, I’m a tree

E) Get down da funk, James Brown HUH (grab crotch, twirl, gesticulate)

F) Stop asking stupid questions


where is the choice that says ‘just because you’ve got a camera doesnt mean you’re a god’ ? :smiley:


You aint gonna solve it here :smiley:

It was just a knee jerk poll/response to yet another aggro biker vid showing the rider encountering moronic ignorant overcrowded London streets traffic behaviour …

Thing is in all these vids, no one ever seems to see the bit they were doing wrong, only the mistakes of everyone else…

Yes. F. Go slag off Westie instead :stuck_out_tongue:

Why what’s he done now?

I pick the option that classes it as a vanity issue .

This thread is jokes…

“whats the point?” is all that other video made me think. . . berating other vehicle users because you have a camera on your head will only end 1 of 2 ways…

  1. in an exchange of words that goes no where.

  2. in violence…with the last thing a camera see’s being a fist rammed in someones face.

Its 50/50 innit? … Personally I havent got time for any of that ****…too busy getting on with my business to be held up by such whimsical fancies.



I didn’t buy a helmet camera to post videos on youtube, I bought it so that if I ever need it I have evidence. When you have hours and hours of footage you just seem to end up posting some of it on youtube. No vanity involved for me.

The vanity comment was directed inthe direction of a certain recent video :wink:

I thought it might have been :smiley: