tried not to laugh...

someone - not mentioning any names :smiley: just asked me how you get on the morning roll call list PMSL…

funny every time it happens… I aint giving it away :w00t::w00t:

ouch hope you was,nt to sore the next morning :Dwhy did you not tell them,?lol did you not like em :smiley:

get up earlier then they get on it, plus they have to phone up whoever posts the list:Whistling: D:D:D

Back in my day it cost a lot of money, don’t know what the going rate is these days though…

i payed about 60 quid for mine :wink:

Make sure they know they have to type out every name exactly at it appears;)

Maybe they have to ask everyone on the list for permission to be accepted and added? :D:D

I paid not to be on the list. :smiley:

hehehe :smiley:

I have now paid. Direct wire to PJ. Ginge got 10% and so did Mel for recommending me… :wink:

Now…How much for a London Biker tag and not a silly pizza delivery rider?

sorry mate you not been here long enough yet and as you rider like a pizza rider it will prob stay with you for a longtime to come. :slight_smile:

Just subscribe to the pointless posts thread. :smiley:

ducks for cover :wink:

ouch… I had to hold back and look out for others… :hehe:

thats the plan, but i wasnt going to admit it…Whoops. Oh look another post i have entered. Yippee

Well it wasn’t me :smiley:

LewisR6 (13/04/2010)

PMSL :w00t::smiley:

WOOOOO HOOOOOOO no longer a pizza rider man thingy!!! YES Rush Hour Racer (GOD) here i come!!! :D:D:D:D That’ll show ya Andy hahahaha


That is class :smiley: