Tricky judgement???

No doubt on this the bloke is a complete and utter w****r. However after reading it I thought to myself.

The guy is accused of negligence for leaving his mate in the car. He is not a doctor and could not have been able to asses the situation to that level, this is why when anyone has an accident beyond our knowledge we should call 999. I get that bit. So guilty of that no doubt.

Thing is even If he did call and the guy still died because the ambulance did not arrive in time would the government be in the doc because of the their negligence in regards to the emergency services funds being cut so no allowing the ambulance get there at the earliest possible time?.

Your thoughts

I read this story, adn what made me call the guya toss pot was teh fact he walked away adn did nothing and said nothing to anyone, adn still went out the next evening as if nothing had happened.

safe to say i wouldnt be out with him. how thoughtless was that, even if the guy was already dead, at least put up a token gesture of some sort. leave the guy in a ditch eh!! tosser

This guy deliberately chose to drive whilst banned, and deliberately chose to cover that up by not reporting the accident and not reporting that he had abandoned an injured friend at the scene. There is no accident here - just a chain of deliberate illegal acts by a sub-human.

What a great friend :blink:

No comparison mate, I’m studtying Manslaughter and a million other law related bits just now and can quote it all for you (if you really want!?!?!) . What the driver did was a deliberate ommission and he was negligent which apparently caused the death of his passenger.

If it could be proved that funding cuts caused a slower response and caused the death of someone I don’t believe that this would be pursued in the criminal courts though it may be sought after through civil proceedings (of which I have no idea about!!).