Trick or Treat Trackday Brands Indy 31st October

This is with No Limits and only £89.

I’m booked and be good to see lots of you joining us again.

It’s free to spectate if you’re interested to see what it’s all about and you can get extremely close to the action… join us in the garages if you like. We’ll have tea/coffee there but you must make me one:)

I will look into this once i get back from my trip to Le Mans Brian :wink:

Yes B, myself and YoYo are on this also (once he gets off his ar5e and books it) was it 3 or 4 groups? (without starting a debate)

I’m in if there is a NOVICE group !!!

Any takers on this?


Have a great trip to Lemon PJ, see you when you get back. I’ll get my camera working properly next time so there will be no hiding.:slight_smile:

Nice one Leon! Yes 3 groups last time I looked;) I’m sure there will be something to debate shortly, why use one word when 200 will do:D

Welcome Amit! There should be plenty of space in the Novice group, just a case of booking online or on the phone and the friendly No Limits Team will answer all your questions… no matter how silly you think it might be. Anything that puts your mind at rest is going to help you relax on track and concentrate on the job in hand.

So in a word ‘yes’ :smiley:

got myself booked now…pretty sure i wil be free on that day from uni since timetable is cleaned on Monday n Friday.
didnt see option to buy photo album for that day???
also saw need to fill in a registration form??? which form???
all they asked was my name only…thought focus event needs to fill bike model etc…
looking forward to it now :slight_smile:
Plz look after me that day, as it wil my very first time :w00t: Thanks :smiley:
Also the most important, hope weather wil be good…at least not pissing down…:unsure:

Good man!

Normally there is a photographer on the day and you can buy whichever ones you like.

You’ll soon get used to the track, I’ve arranged a high speed pillion ride for you to show you round.

You’ll probably get a confirmation of the booking soon and you can download the two disclaimer forms. If not then don’t worry, you can do it on the day at the track.

No need for bike details to be registered.

Yes we’ll look after you.

I’ve put a request in for good weather and he’s normally sorted it for me.

Only joking about the pillion ride:)

I will be working in the morning…any chance I can still attend even if I come over at about 9.00 or do I have be do the briefing to be allowed on the track?



No problem, you’ll probably only miss one session. Once you’re signed in and noise tested an instructor will brief you, escort you on some sighting laps then away you go!

Hmmm, this could be a good excuse to get the new bike out for one last blast before winter :slight_smile:

I did a taster 20 min session last week…still need to do the brief and sighting laps ??


Sure do. I’d be impressed if you knew all the warning flags if you’re new to trackdays. Always good practice to refresh everyones memory and instill some discipline across the board on track for everyones safety;)

Same with sighting laps, conditions may change from session to session and it gives you a chance to warm up and check all is ok with you and your bike;)

You’re new Gixxer 6 was a treat to ride on the road mate, I’m sure it would be a cracking track tool. I know someone who who could verify this on the day:Whistling::slight_smile:

Hope you can make it mate!

Prob hav to phone them up and ask…

I think it should be alrite…

There are still spaces on this event. So if you’re young or old, fast or slow, big bike or little bike and want to join us, come on down:)

I’ll be up for this if someone has a DB meter that I could use, cause I think the GSR might fail miserably :smiley:

You’re welcome to come to the workshop and use our DB meter. It’s reasonably accurate but I know my Fireblade is borderline on the noise limit so you could compare it with that.

Also have a baffle if it’s needed;)

might do B. I’ll have to put the baffles back in but there’s no cat on the bike so it’s pretty loud :Whistling:

I remember where ur shop is. will get in contact sooner to the time :cool:

hi all, just booked myself and guest for this trackday, will be nice to meet up on the day,

Leon are u still going now the gixxer has gone or do u have another bike to use?

Will a superduke with open LeoVince cans pass the noise limit ?. I read that DucatiPete’s (same bike with Akras) is borderline

At Lydden Hill the other month they just checked I has some clothes on and helmet. And I had paid ! Not interested in the bike at all.