Trelogo Trailer for sale

Trelgo motorbike trailer for sale. Bought this a week ago with the intention of using it and selling my current one - it has a nicer long ramp with it, which was what I really wanted for mine, as the 1m ramp I have is really useless, and my 1.8m one got ‘borrowed’. On a permanant basis, by someone I don’t know, and didn’t offer it to.

Anyway, its a Trelgo, supplied by Trailertek in Winchester I believe. Either that, or someone from there found it and stickered it… It has a payload of 230kg, enough for most sports/sports tourers, but no Pans or 'Wings. The main board can be taken off so that the trailer can be stood on its end (currently like that), and the light board is well protected (and works).

The load strip is 2m in length, and the trailer’s overall length is about 2.6m, down to 2.4 or so with the load strip removed. The ramp is about 1.6m, and fixes to the load strip by means of two bolts in the ramp which lock in to the load strip. There are two anchor points on each side, but I would expect that more could be put in with relative ease and a cobalt drill bit. The ramp fixes on to the trailer very securely.

So why am I not keeping that one and selling my erde? The only reason is because the wheel guard at the front end of the board is too close to my boot. I have a Honda Jazz with a very low boot, and so a very long boot lid. I have had to move the wheel guard on my Erde back to the penultimate setting to accomodate the length of my boot lid, that is how long it is. Otherwise, I would be keeping this trailer and selling my erde, as I would get more money for the erde.

I’m looking for £150. I am based in Alton, Hampshire, but I am prepared to travel a bit (like up to Wimbledon, say, but not really that interested in going all the way to Enfield, say) to deliver (for 40p per mile, which is about the current cost of fuel for me (return journey, innit), so you get my time for free). If we could meet somewhere where I was going (like Basingstoke perhaps) I could waive the delivery charges, as that would be my own petrol costs. PM me if you are interested.


need pics please, those links dont work ask’s me to log in. Can you post some pics of the actual trailer? very interested if you can


Provisionally sold…

SOLD!!! Anyone else has one they are looking to sell, I had four people interested pretty much immediately.