Treated the gix today

seeing as i love my bike so much, me and my wonderful fella spent the whole day putting new parts on which i brought a while back. Put new grips on, new white crash mushrooms with titaium cover plates. new bar ends. new quick release petrol cap and the main one, a full yoshi system. stainless steel r3. BUT we fitted it and it was just way too big! soo… yes, i done a sin… its now very loud… :smiley:



Really cool!!:slight_smile:

Looking good there :smiley:

Sounded like Lee was having a bit of trouble putting it in!! lol, Bike looks cool though chick, nice job :smiley:

Nice one Stace…lurve those white mushrooms:D and the yoshi looks soooo much better shorter;) bet it sounds awesome:w00t:

Fecking Hooligan :smiley:

Exhaust looks really good, out of interest cutting down the yoshi can does it effect Performance (BHP)?
I bet it sounds the b*llox!!!

Liking the stubbification, bet it’s nice and quiet now :cool:

That really does look superb – how about a final finished pic and a sound file of that Stubby Yoshi doing it’s stuff??


thanks guys. it doesnt really effect bhp, will lose like 1bhp if that. It would effect the power and how it runs if i had a power commander on then cut it down but im doing it the opposite and best way, fit the cut down pipe first then fit the power commander, so it will run sweet with it.

Yeah i wll sort out a video clip of it in the next few days :smiley:

looks awsome, stubby cans rule :cool: and yep wont lose any noticable horses, shortening the entire system (i.e like you see on fighters with the can straight off the headers) will lose you a few bhp, but not a stubby :slight_smile: