TRE Timing Retard Eliminators for Suzukis

Anybody fitted one ? Not seen them mentioned in posts here, they claim to remove Suzuki’s 300kph/186mph top speed restriction and - more importantly - smooth out snatchy throttle response

At £16-30 they are cheap as chips - especially when compared to £180+ powercommanders, if you just want to smooth things out a bit, but do people rate them ?

Every tuning outfit I’ve spoken to says these things don’t do squat, and only serve to burn more fuel as they trick the ECU into thinking the bike’s constantly in fifth gear, so you don’t have individual fuel maps for each gear now effectively. I don’t know what the results are when combined with a power commander, but I’m seriously dubious about these devices, afterall, there’s no cheap fixes.

“afterall, there’s no cheap fixes”

Yes, I know, thats why I am so sceptical, however, I was talking to a bike shop owner yesterday who was raving about the effect on his zx10 … and his shop does not sell them … also, reading the feedback for this guy there seem to be a lot of happy campers ?

Christie automotive also mentions this : “resistor in a box” type TRE’s will give your bike a rough tickover"

I spoke to Crescent when my old bike GSXR1000K3 was very snatchy, and they said they are rubbish. They remapped by standard ECU and it was miles better, speak to them they will sort it and it cost £80 !!!

Rather than buying one, just remove the gear position sensor, unpick the silicone sealent and unsolder the resistors for 1st, 2nd, 3rd & 4th. Solder plain tinned wire between these contact points and the 5th gear pad. Refill with silicone sealent and hey presto, you’ve a sensor that tells the ecu that you are in either 5th ( all gears 1 to 5 ), 6th or neutral. This has the advantage of costing nout, doesent screw up the idle like most TRE’s as neutral is still reported correctly to the ecu