Travel /work ideas

Hi, I am planning to travel in the near future via bike and work to support my funds. Has anyone had any similar experiences or have any ideas where i can gain information. I would really like a pieace of mind from any travellers out there. What was it like, how did you manage, pros cons…etc


Are you talking about traveliing by bicycle or motorbike? Where will your journey be from and to, someone may know of a decent route with a bit more info.

Yes, sorry for the very general thread.

I woudl like to travel europe by motorcycle making pit stops in each country for a month or two to work and then set my way to the next country.

Was just wondering if anyone ahs had similar experiences?

I did that! 3 times actually. 15 to 20 days each trip and there are still places and countries to go. What sort of information you want? How to finance it? I paid myself for it! Please ask more especific questions and I may can help you, it’s a very wide subject. On my experience it will cost you an average of £80,00 to £100,00 per day, counting here all expenses including bike maintenance , hotels, food, tyres etc.

A very good planning and research of the area you are going to be passing through is a must!! What’s there to see? Where to go? to eat? etc. To illustrate that for you, when I was in Rome I parked the bike for two days and walked the city by foot. I became a turist like all the others. With a tour book under my arms and everything. It will all depend on what you want to do and see? Stop and work in every country doesn’t sound realistic to me! Not is one or two months. Only if you leave here with all those jobs already arranged, otherwise I don’t belive you will succeed, sorry

That was agood reply biker2travel. Thanks.

It is very broad as I have no idea of what to expect and what it will be like, I have a good cppl of years to plan and arrange it, so im trying to gather as much as I can. I understand that the working and travelling part may not be realistic and I want to think realisticly as possible but I would like to (not essential) find an alternative of making some extra money while travelling just to help the funds, if you see what I mean.

Out of curiosity are you planning to do it again? Did you do it on your own or with a group of friends?

Drifting around Europe doing bits of bar work and stuff sounds very nice but I too would worry about the realities of finding work so frequently.

But hey, if you never try it…