Travel Agents-Flights to Thailand & Oz

I got my visa through for Oz so am all ready to book my ticket for my travels.

The agent i use for work related travel in an Indian specialist so they cannot get me any decent discounts for flights to Thailand and Oz.

Can anyone recommend me a travel agent/internet site that they have experience of?

Thanks in advance

Was planning 28/29 of this month.

Spending a month in Thailand. Got a friend who moved out there and is teaching PADI courses so i think i’ll give that a go so i’m all ready to dive the Great Barrier Reef.

Got a six month working holiday visa for Oz so if i like it, i can stick around.

Maybe go to NZ after as well.

I’ll give her a call. Thanks a lot Tony-what airlines are good for leg room?

Ebookers have a great value flight stopping off in Dubai for £329 … And of course unless your spending more than 60 days in Thailand you dont need a visa !

Thank you Lee for that.

Thank you Tony for all that info. We’ll have a chat when i see you next but basically the plan is a month or so travelling all around the country.

NP… You’ll love it …

Dawn and I lived out there for a year while I taught diving ( I’m a PADI too )… Some of the islands are stunning. We lived on both the main land and on Koh Phi Phi… What islands you going to ?

Teaching “Rescue Diver”

Tonsai Bay - Koh Phi Phi

The plans is there is no plans. Just going with the flo and happy to go with any suggestions experienved travellers have. It looks like Tony has it covered!!!

That picture of the beach has just brought the biggest smile to my face.

I’ve been wallowing in my own self pity for the past fews weeks about what happened and that picture is almost like freedom for me

One of my friends is doing the east thing at the moment, got 4 months off work and so far has been to Indonesia, Thailand, Cambodia and is now in Vietnam, Think he might end in Oz and is back to work the week before Christmas. Would forward you some of his E.mails as he is doing the villages rather than the usual touristy bits. Cheapest Hotel he’s found was about £1 as night but was a bit worried about the ****roaches.


Sweet if you can forward it to [email protected], that would be excellent.

I would love to go to Vietnam but am monitoring the bird flu outbreak there. It’s clear they aren’t doing all they can to contain it so will give it a miss for the time being. Maybe if things calm down, will stop off on the way back from Oz.

One of my close friends has family over there and i understand it is one amazing country.

Thanks a lot for that

Tony, i’ll catch up with you Friday night?

Tony-you are a total star