Translogic Display

Yes im bored again has anyone using one on here as im thinking of get a set for the Stealth, but with the quick shifter so any feed back please ??

Don’t have one yet but I know a few guys down the Ace that do, the only bug they seam to have is there is no petrol light apart from that never heard anyone moan about them.

hello mate i have one the BIG one and its the nutts ive got the latest one with the software upgrade and you get a fuel light well a count down system just reset when you fill up you can set the milige when you wont a warnin i:E after 90 .80 .or what ever you wont to but if you get one fitted by cresent on gixxers you are able to have a normal res light type system fitted. and on other bikes you can get a reserve light wired in from the revserve sensor sending unit as i will be going to soon if you wont one give me a shout i can get them trade for you and fitted i wouldnt get the translogic quick shifter you pay more fot the name id get the dyno jet one its the same or go the hole hog and get the translogic power shifter at a push of a button i can get all that trade for you fella


_A 001.jpg

_____A 002.jpg

That’s sexy as hell


That is the balls…gotta have the details and that bit of kit.

Where to acquire one? How much should I expect to pay? Charge card is standing by… :drool

hi guys i can get these trade for LBs or you can go to cresent and pay £800 but with no reserve light ill get some prices and let the idividuals direct and by the way you can have it either blue or red backlite or swap between the too

morrnin kiddies cost for tran display approx £***.** fitted with fule light dependant on the bod work load

Sorry folks I have just been txt and asked to remove my post as I may have upset someone

SO I will be nice and comply with this request and I will see them at a later date

the price i qouted guys was the direct to cresent price and its high becauce your paying for there name

Um i will have to think about this

i know mate crecent didnt do a very good job foitting myn it was all wonky and went direct and they sorted it out which they will not normally do mate and make sure you get the one with updated software not the one sat on shelf

Sounds like too much hassle so might stick with my blue clocks for now