Transit Box Van Luton style

I recently got this van for my DJ/PA hire business but it is just impractical for me. It has worked very hard moving peoples houses and once a month when I kit out a venue for a club night, but my nissan murano holds my most common hires so it just isnt paying for itself. You could fit about 8 bikes in this thing!:w00t:Mechanicaly sound, very reliable and as a transit it will go on for ever and ever. It needs new tyres on the front, they are so bald on the inside due to lack of power steering that I will NOT drive it anymore (as of today). It has a longish MOT and i just taxed it for the year this month, insurance is cheap as it is a transit box van. A little amount of rain water does get in to the box but that could be easily remidied with filler etc. It is old and ugly but a real workhorse. I only want a fair price as it set me back £1200, I would take £900:)

PM if you want more info